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Char Keow Teow Mom's Style

Monday 13th June 2011

Char Keow Teow with Khatna (Fried Beef Noodles with Chinese Broccoli)

Hey peeps, this is a day late, because I was kinda not in the condition to be doing this kind of thing on Sunday... reasons beyond my Any hows today I learnt how to make fried noodles! it doesn't take long to cook, BUT it does take a while to prepare for. Anyways nice and tasty like always.

Ingredients :

Thick white rice noodles : 175g (roughly half a pack)
Top side beef : 200g
Chinese broccoli : 5 stems/branches
Garlic : 2 cloves
Eggs : 1 per dish
Soy sauce : 6 dashes roughly
Dark soy sauce : 1 dash
Oyster sauce : 3 dashes

Note: If you like it chili, just add the chili sauce when the dish is prepared. =D

Instruction :

  • Firstly put the noodles into a container and add water until it has softened. This can take up to 2 hours. If you can not be bothered waiting that long then boil a kettle and use the hot water speed up the process, however it is not as tasty
  • Now get the beef and finely slice it into thin thumb size pieces. Be careful not to cut yourself ya know =D
  • Now get the Chinese broccoli and wash with water. Now cut it into small pieces, however when you cut it, cut it on a 45 degree angle
  • Put the Chinese broccoli into a container and add boiling water. Leave to sit for 2 -3 minutes and then drain
  • Now chop  and finely dice the garlic
  • Heat a wok pan with oil to a medium high temperature and fry the garlic until golden
  • Add the beef and fry until cooked
  • Now add in the oyster sauce and soy sauce, about 3 dashes each. Mix well and thoroughly
  • Remove from the wok pan, drain the noodles and add into the wok pan.
  • Fry the noodles and add 3 dashes of soy sauce and 1 dash of dark soy sauce and mix well until there is an even colour
  • Now place the Chinese broccoli into the wok pan and mix well with the noodles for roughly 2 - 3 minutes
  • Now put the beef into the wok pan and mix thoroughly for another 2 - 3 minutes
  • Now get a small frying pan and fry the amount of eggs you want to fry. 1 per dish is sufficient
  • Now you are done and ready to serve! enjoy =D

Note: chili sauce is to be added after the dish is served. Like a the iceing on a cake, the chili is good assss lol.

MMMMMM friend noodles with egg on top....

Hope you guys try and make this! easy cooking just longer preparation :S but it's worth it. Also make any suggestion or feed back. Also.. Alan McCorkindale wine, like the facebook page =D. Peace <3 & Happiness!


  1. where do u get the noodles and the chinese broccoli i wana try this one


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